Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Tree In The Bronx

This image is a small park within a public housing complex in the Bronx Borough and I used the monotype printing technique to create it. There is a narrow sliver of a building placed on the left side of the print as a reminder that this scene takes place in a man-made environment.

The interest of the print, however, is the large tree in the center that sprouts leafless limbs and branches into and across the sky. It was in late March and I was waiting for the bus to go back to the city. when I saw it. I snapped a picture from my phone camera which I used as a reference for this print.

 I painted the branches and limbs, the sky and the clouds in a manner to suggests all these elements dancing to the rhythm of the air surrounding them. The trees in the distance were painted with the local colors of greens, reds and browns while I used the building to reflect the glaring light of the bright daytime. This print is my expression of a harmonious relationship between nature and civilization I discovered on that day.

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