Monday, October 24, 2016

Chris Antemann: Forbidden Fruit

The Museum of Art and Design is presenting the beautiful porcelain sculptures of Chris Antemann.  I've never heard of this artist before until now when, as a security guard employed by a national security firm, I was assigned to MAD for one day and posted at the gallery that displays her collaborative exhibition with the renowned MEISSEN Porcelain factory. 

These strikingly seductive and beautifully erotic pieces are a tour de force. One end of the gallery hangs the ornate Lemon Chandelier embellished with scantily clad figurines and lemons. 

   In the center of the gallery there is the elaborate installation entitled Love Temple inspired by an 18th century model of the same name by Johann Joachim Kændler.
 Antemann has redesigned the original version to its basic form and added her figures and decorations to fashion a five- foot- tall feasting rotunda for her Forbidden Fruit Dinner Party.

Per the exhibition wall texts, her concept owes much to the French Rococo painter Antoine Watteau, 18th century French banquet fads, and the Biblical story of The Garden of Eden.

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