Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Art Of The Watercolor

                                                    Still Life as Self Portrait

Load up that brush with lots of colors and use the white of the paper to bring
 luminosity to your objects! 

Almond Delight  © 2013 Rafael Ferran

I have been taking a workshop in Watercolor for the past year.I have been painting in this medium on my own since my high school days so it's not new to me. What is new is that I get to work with a professional artist with 40 years of experience with the medium behind her. That’s a lot of paintings! Plus I get to work with a group who like me are intermediate learners but are gifted enough to bring to the table their broad experiences and talents. 

Breakfast Treats © 2013 Rafael Ferran
We didn't paint from a live model but we did paint objects of our choosing and to me this was exciting because every one came with a different object; it was to reflect everyone's different personality and where our originality showed through

Still Life as Self Portrait © 2013 Rafael Ferran

It also helps to possess good drawing skills, a good knowledge of color so it can be employed for one’s self-expression, to use light effectively to add drama to the painting, placing your object at the right angle of interest and crop it so that both positive and negative space work harmoniously. These five elements helped me to paint these three works successfully.

Oh, I believe there is one more thing to do as part of the learning experience and that is to look at a master of the medium and see what that artist accomplished. I am referring to John Singer Sargent, whose watercolors are now on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum through July 28.
There are ninety-three pieces on display and they prove what a genius he was. He literally rewrote the handbook for the Twentieth Century of how one should paint in watercolor.

It is a knockout of a show and I recommend it highly!


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