Thursday, June 13, 2013

Print Exhibition

         The giant skeleton stands watch over the souls of the ones it has consumed by biting off their heads when they were alive. It is a demon created by gathering the bones of people who starved to death and with an incantation brought to life with one mission and that is to destroy the enemies of it's creator. People that are targeted by this giant hear a loud ringing bell sound. It's a story in Japanese folklore probably meant to scare young children who misbehave.
Any way this is the subject of my color print which I produced using the silk aquatint. 

         Silk aquatint is a technique that produces a more painterly look than other more traditional printmaking techniques. No there is no silk involved! A silk screen material is adherred to a plexiglass plate. The values are created by using acrylic paint mixed with a gel medium. This plate is then inked and printed just like any other plate would. You have the option of printing an edition or monoprint.

Odokuro © 2012 Rafael Ferran

My print is part of an exhibition titled SQUARE DEAL at the Manhattan Graphics Center. It is on now thru the summer 2013!

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